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big-ass sandwiches - portland

Some food trucks don’t more, they stay in one spot and kick-out some huge (most would say “big ass”) sandwiches. At SW 3rd and Ash Street in Portland is such an establishment.

A husband and wife team are serving a small menu with big sandwiches such as the PORK HAMMER featuring ham, bacon, sausage, home-cut fries and home-made coleslaw. That’s the priciest sandwich on the menu at just $9. It’s a meal!

The namesake “Big Ass Sandwich” gives you a choice of slow-roasted turkey, beef or ham, piled high with home-cut french fries, covered with Bechamel cheese sauce and served onto a ciabatta roll.  Spend an extra fifty cents and add some pickled jalapenos!

big-ass sandwiches

Big-Ass Sandwiches uses local ingredients whenever possible including their break (baked daily and locally), as well as meats from Northwest family owned stock yards and locally made sauces.

Part of what makes Big-Ass sandwiches so huge is that most sandwiches include french fries on the sandwich. Adds to the taste and the convenience!

Portland has a large vegetarian commuity and Big-Ass Sandwiches serves their needs with veggie fare.

Get your ass to Portland and enjoy the great taste of a “Big-Ass.”

Big-Ass Sandwiches

304 SE 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR

Big-Ass Sandwiches (Food Cart) on Urbanspoon

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FoodTruckTalk.com - Food Truck Of-The-WeekCongratulations to Marination Mobile as FoodTruckTalk.com’s Food Truck Of-The-Week!

Kamala is one of the owners of one of Seattle’s most popular food trucks – Marination Mobile  She is originally from Hawaii, and has a little bit of Korean in her as well.

Her partner is Roz.  She is Chinese and Filipina by blood, born in Greece, and raised by a Japanese mom.  She lived in Romania for a while as well.

Together Kamala and Roz dish out some amazing dishes inspired primarily by the flavors of Hawaii and Korea.  They obviously share a lot of ethnic knowledge about most of the world so they are experts in creating great international flavor.  As Kamala says about Marination, “it’s the melting of Korean heat and aloha love together in a corn tortilla.”

It’s clear Marination’s marinades are top notch.  The tacos are stuffed with either pork, ginger-miso chicken, tofu or kalbi and topped with a saucy, tangy slaw.  Kalbi is a traditional Korean dish; tender short ribs marinaded in soy, garlic and citrus.  It’s salty and sweet!  The pork is sliced super thin and marinaded in a rich red pepper sauce. 

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zzaam truckNew on the scene in Richmond, VA is a new concept from restaurateur Derek Cha.  Cha, best known for his Sweet Frog premium frozen yogurt stores, launched ZZAAM Fresh Korean Grill earlier this year.

The menu is simple, but the flavors are strong.  ZZAAM features Korean tacos, Big Bowls (rice, vegetables plus meat), Lettuce Wraps, Sliders and Salad Bowls.  For the protein choose from chicken, beef (Bul-Gogi) spicy pork or tofu.  All are free-range and hormone free.

A ZZAAM brick and mortar location will be opening soon in Charlottesville, VA


ZZAAM Fresh Korean Grill – Richmond, VA

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neat meat dc How many lawyers does it take to start a sloppy joe food truck?  Apparently just two.

Nnamdi Nwaneri and Na’Im Moses met at law school and discovered that they not only had passion for law, but also for entrepreneurship, of the sloppy joe variety.

NeatMeat serves high quality (and creative) sloppy joe sandwiches throughout the Washington DC area.

The menu features not only a traditional sloppy joe sandwich, but some creative alternatives including the “It’s All Greek To Joe” with lamb joe seasoned with traditional Greek flavors and topped with Feta, fresh cucumber and pickled onions.


The “Mi So Joe” is a veggie Joe, gull of tofu, eggplant and button mushrooms topped with a spicy carrot pineapple slaw.

The “Joey Melt” is a best seller, with traditional sloppy joe with honey caramelized onions, and classic American Cheese.


NeatMeatDC – Not Your Average Sloppy Joe!
Washington, DC



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Pop's Smokehouse BBQThe Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ food truck has been on the scene in Memphis for a year, but in that short amount of time they have gained quite a following.  With mentions in the Memphis Magazine and the Commercial Appeal, they continue to bring Championship-Style BBQ to the masses.

Owners, Jeff & Kim Toney, say their dream was to serve fantastic BBQ to everyday people at a great price.  There’s something on the menu for everyone, such as BBQ Nachos with fresh pulled pork, tortilla chips, signature sauce, jalapenos, and a dusting of their very own bbq rub (seasoning) to Pop’s BBQ Parfait which consists of a bbq meal in one cup, along with the all-popular Mesquite Grilled Chicken Wraps with artisan jalapeno mayo!

Pops bbq

Jeff brought 25 years of restaurant industry experience to the table and 7 years of competition experience with Memphis BBQ Network competitions including Memphis in May.  He is also a board of directors member for Memphis Food Truck Alliance where efforts a  re made to bring positive change in the food truck community city-wide.

When asked what his favorite thing about food-trucking is, he says, “You know…I’m just livin’ the dream!”


Pop’s Smokehouse BBQ
Memphis, TN

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FoodTruckTalk.com - Food Truck Of-The-WeekCongratulations to Fishlips Sushi as FoodTruckTalk.com’s Food Truck Of-The-Week!

Finally I can spout all of my incredible knowledge of ichthyology (a branch of zoology devoted to the study of fishes).   It’s great to be an expert in something!  Just kidding, I don’t know much about fish, but those in the ichthyology field inform me that yes fish do have lips although not like humans, and fish lips have taste buds.  There you have it.  Throw that piece of knowledge out next time you are at the bar with friends.

I am sure that Takeshi Kimura (aka TK) when he established Fishlips Sushi Food Truck knew that, after all he is a sushi expert!

The Fishlips truck is unique in that there is actually a sushi chef on board that is producing a great variety of quality sushi at very reasonable prices.  We have been assured that the chef is not slicing while the vehicle is in motion, after all safety is the highest priority!

The quality is exceptional, far superior to many restaurants, grocery stores, Kmart or wherever else you can get sushi these days.

Fishlips Sushi’s menu has traditional rolls as well as Temari Sushi which is a ball-shaped sushi made by pressing rice and fish together.  It’s really neat looking and a great finger food.  The Temari’s are available with either tuna, tuna tataki, eel, albacore, eskalar, yellowtail, salmon, snapper, halibut or shrimp.

For lunch Fishlips offers a variety of combination plates consisting of a combination of sushi rolls and temari sushi balls.  The sushi rolls fall into a few categories: California, Spicy Tuna, Shimp Tempura, and Vegetable.  Within each categories there are a few options.  Within the spicy tuna roll category is the spicy dragon roll with tuna, hot sauce, sesame oil. avocado, cucumber, eel and tamari sauce!

The Fish Lips roll has no rice, but instead is a soy sheet, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, crab, tuna, white tuna, white fish, salmon, tamari sauce, hot sauce and mayonnaise!  That’s a lot to roll up!

Another unique feature from FishLips Sushi Food Truck is that they provide calorie information for each item.  The Fish Lips Roll has just 36 calories.  All of the roll based sushi are under 50 calories each.  The temari sushi balls range between 40 and 60 calories each.

FishLips Sushi uses organic vegetables and Koshihikari sushi rice, the #1 brand in Japan!

Now, I wonder if chickens have lips???

Fishlips Sushi – Los Angeles, CA

fishlips sushi food truck

Fishlips Sushi on Urbanspoon

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