Munch India – San Francisco, CA (@munchindia)

Munch India serves the Bay Area with regional Indian Cuisine mainly from the regions of Delhi and Lucknow, as well as Bengal.

Munch India – San Francisco, CA


Where’s Lloyd? – Buffalo, NY (@whereslloyd)

Where’s Lloyd? is the first taco truck to serve the great city of Buffalo, NY.

Their mission is to bring legitimate street food to Buffalo by offering affordable yet incredibly tasty takes on tacos, nachos and burritos.  Fillings include chimi chicken, braised beef, tomatillo pork and stewed beans.


Where’s Lloyd? – Buffalo, NY


Hodge Podge Truck – Cleveland, OH (@hodgepodgetruck)

It’s has been a few months since the Hodge Podge Truck launched.  The truck’s first public appearances was as a contestant in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race.  Tune in tonight (August 14, 2011) to see the first episode of this season’s Great Food Truck Race.  Good luck to the Hodge Podge truck and…

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Meatyballs Mobile – Chicago, IL (@fossfoodtrucks)

Congratulations to Meatyballs Mobile as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! Note: This food truck is not currently operational. What better way is there to start the new year then with Bull’s Testicles bought from a food truck that can’t prepare food on the truck?  Which surprises you more?  Chicago Health Department regulations prevent food trucks from actually cooking…

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Nom Nom Truck – Los Angeles, CA (@nomnomtruck)

Congratulations to Nom Nom Truck as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! Note: This food truck is not currently operational. In a business that seems dominated by men it’s great to see two women (Jen & Misa) being so successful owning and operating one of the most popular and recognizable food trucks in Los Angeles; Nom Nom Truck! Nom Nom…

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Awesome Cone – Portland, OR (@awesomecone)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. Generally wintertime is not the time of the year that you would think of “cones.”   Gus Straub is trying to change all that with his Awesome Cone food truck.  The concept is simple, instead of filling a waffle cone with cold frigid ice cream, Gus fills them with steamy…

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Dumpling Station – Los Angeles, CA (@dumplingstation)

Congratulations to Dumpling Station as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! Note: This food truck is not currently operational. Asian dumplings and pot stickers are one of those food groups that are constantly debated.  Who has the best potsticker, who has the best dipping sauce, how was the dough?  It’s a fun debate since virtually everyone loves dumplings! The dumpling that…

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dumpling station southern california