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Note: This food truck is not currently operational.

When someone says, “Wow, that’s one smokin’ food truck” and they are referring to Central Florida’s Red Eye BBQ truck they are 100% correct. The Red Eye BBQ food truck has an on board smoker that let’s them turn out some of the most tender and flavorful BBQ anywhere. The pitmaster, Rob Nelson, has been barbecueing, smoking, and grilling meats for quite some time in search of the ultimate BBQ.

Every good pitmaster has a secret recipe of dry spices and marinades, and Rob is no different. All of the Red Eye BBQ meats are rubbed with a combination of the super double-secret spices, marinaded and then slow smoked over a variety of woods for 12 to 15 hours. There is no rushing BBQ, if you want the real thing you need to cook the meat low and slow!

Red Eye BBQ has all the basic food groups perfected. The Pulled Pork is smoky, tender and so yummy. Likewise for the smoked brisket. The baby back ribs are tender, juicy and come off the bone just right. The BBQ smoked chicken is moist and delicious not dried out! Most of us who have tried smoking chicken at home end up with a dried out chicken, not at Red Eye. Sausages are also available (mild, medium, hot and kielbasa).

You can order your meats as a sandwich if you like. There are two varieties, the traditional on a potato bun, or open faced. The open faced sandwiches are extra special as the meat is piled high on a sweet corn muffin, drizzled with honey and then topped with bbq sauce! You’ll love the taste, just don’t get it on your shirt!

Next time I am in Orlando I am passing Disney World up and spending my time in BBQ heaven at Red Eye BBQ!

Red Eye BBQ – Orlando, FL

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Dog Eat Dog Food Truck offers a great variety of gourmet hot dogs, from the good old classics like Chili Dogs to new creations like the 305 Dog.  Also available are  the Not Dog (vegetarian) and the After Dog (dessert dog). Homemade potato and sweet potato chips are on the truck.

Dr. Brown’s (Black Cherry, Root Beer, and Cream Soda) refreshments are the available, the perfect companion for a hot dog!


Dog Eat Dog – Miami, FL


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Via Twitter we asked which food trucks had the most outstanding short ribs!  We received a variety of responses and thought we would share them with you. After all, who doesn’t like short ribs?  (Maybe I should hire Randy Newman to compose a song called Short Ribs, sung to the melody of Short People??).

We have to thank @DeeRyan29 who pointed out that “@whereschacha’s does a short rib taco that’ll make you slap yo’ mama!”  Cha Cha Chow (@whereschacha) food truck fills a flour tortilla with beef short ribs, red cabbage lime slaw, cheese and of course, Cha Cha Sauce.  Hey, with a recommendation like that from DeeRyan29 how can you go wrong?

I gotta think that those in Ausin, Texas know something about ribs!  And they do, check out Coreanos (@coreanosTX).  They serve marinated beef short ribs served in a Korean BBQ style taco or burrito.  Based on the number of times that Coreanos was recommended I think it’s a good bet they know how to braise!  The OG Burrito sounds pretty neat: Marinated beef short ribs, french fries, Korean slaw, onion & cilantro, caramelized kimchi,  sesame oil vinaigrette and garlic spread in a burrito!

Southern California’s Calbi food truck (@calbibbq) features beef short ribs as part of their menu in both tacos and burritos.  Calbi’s short ribs are flavor enhanced with Korean spices.

Food truck goliath Kogi @kogibbq) also offers short ribs in taco and burritos!   Kogi chops the korean bbq short rib into small pieces then puts them on the grill to creaty a “juicy char” from the carmelization.

In the other than Korean BBQ category there are quite a few entries including GastroPod Miami (@gastropodmiami) which presents their short ribs with in true gastropub form as sliders as well as ground up and made into short rib burgers!  Also in Miami, the Slow Food Truck offers a “Short Rib n Dip” sandwich with crispy shallots, live watercress, cheese, and au jus (@slowfoodtruck).

The World Fare Bustaurant in Los Angeles serves from a double decker bus!  They offer two variations of short ribs.  The Short Rib Bunny is a worcestershire braised short rib, they also offer a red wine braised version.  (@worldfare)

Not to be outdone, Northern California’s MoGo BBQ food truck offers short rib tacos and burritos plus a Hawaiian influenced short rib slider that is topped with Spam, cheese and slaw!  (@mogobbq)

In New York City Mexicue fuses together Southwest and BBQ to create an Oak Smoked Short Rib Taco garnished with salsa verde, aged white cheddar, and salsa fresca (@mexicue).

Across the river in New Jersey The Krave food truck features Korean BBQ tacos as well as a traditional Korean BBQ Rice Platter with short ribs, sticky white rice, kimchi, relish and sesame seeds.  (@thekrave)

In Philadelphia the Asian themed Tyson Bee’s food truck offers Korean BBQ short rib tacos as well as a short rib and kimchi burrito. (@tysonbeesphilly)

We are sure that there are plenty other food trucks serving beef short rib.  Please leave a comment below to recommend your favorite and we’ll add them to our Short Rib Tour!

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Growing up I believed that my grandma made the very best grilled cheese sandwiches. Looking back I doubt that it was the bread (Wonder Bread) or the cheese (Kraft American Slices) that she used that made her grilled cheese one of my favorite sandwiches, but rather the love!

In Miami there is now grilled cheese love, presented by the Ms. Cheezious grilled cheese food truck.  Unlike my grandma they present grilled cheese sandwiches that are not always traditional.  (Note:  From what I can remember my grandma did’t look like Ms. Cheezious’ logo girl either!!!).

I recommend starting on the bottom of Ms. Cheezious’ menu and working your way up, that way you won’t miss the “Sweet Meltdown”, ricotta cheese and orange marmalade blend on Texas toast served with chocolate dipping sauce.  Yummy.

Also try the “Crabby Cheese Melt”, fresh made crab salad with sharp cheddar cheese on sourdough bread, or the “Grilled Harvest”, spiced apples and havarti cheese grilled to perfection on multi-grain bread.  I’m sure these combinations never occurred to grandma.

Who doesn’t like bacon?  Bacon lovers will appreciate the “Grilled Blue and Bacon” featuring crisp bacon with creamy blue cheese and green onion on sourdough bread.

In addition to these and other specialty grilled cheese sandwiches you can custom make the sandwich of your choosing keeping it as simple or as complex as you like.  Choose your bread, your cheese (American, Cheddar, Swiss, Gruyere, Blue, Brie, Havarti or Provolone) and any extra fillings you may like including bacon, ham, turkey, tomato or even apples!

For side dishes you can certainly get the traditional Tomato Soup, chili or fries!

Grandma might have recommended that a grilled cheese bagel with creamed cheese and lox be added to the Ms. Cheezious menu!

Everybody always needs a little comfort, and there is no doubt that Ms. Cheezious will give you that warm feeling with her gooey and unique grilled cheese sandwiches.  A welcome addition to the South Florida food truck scene.

Ms. Cheezious – Miami FL

Ms. Cheezious on Urbanspoon

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jefe's original miami flI must admit I have a soft spot for a soft fish taco.  When I visit Miami and Dade county I don’t let any of the elderly people who should have lost their driver’s licenses years ago get in my way, I track down Jefe’s Original!

Jefe’s has a heck of a decked out food truck so they can deliver quality ingredients in a very fast manner.  No question, you should start with the fish taco.  soft fresh corn tortillas stacked with Jefe’s Original beer batter crispy fish, shaved fresh green cabbage, authentic pico de gallo and cooling house made creme, with a squeeze from a fresh lime.  It’s clearly the specialty of the house!

Friends of mine also love the Tacos Carnitas due to the delectable roasted salsa verde on each Carnita.  Corn torillas are stacked with chucks of slow roasted pork, chopped onions and topped with the super special salasa verde.

jefe's original fish taco miami

Taquitos and burgers are also available from Jefe’s Original.  But I prefer the authenticity of the tacos.

For your dessert palate cleansing options include Cracker Jack or Chicklets gum!  For those with a bigger dessert appetite the “Chocolate Wipeout” chocolate cake is sometimes available upon request.

Jefe’s Original Fish Taco & Burgers- Miami, FL

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The South Florida food truck scene is on a roll.  Hardly a day goes by that a new truck doesn’t hit the streets.

Mexican born celebrity chef Ze Carlos Jimenez’s MexZican Gourmet is quickly becoming one of Miami’s favorite food trucks.  The MexZican Gourmet serves “simply authentic” Mexican food creations.  Chef Ze Carlos has a unique ability to combine a vast assortment of ingredients and spices to create healthy and great tasting dishes that remain true to his Mexican heritage.

The MexZican Gourmet’s menu starts with a variety of tacos.  The variety begins with “Just Beef” (carne asada), “Simply Authentic” (Al Pastor), “Original Pork” (Michoacan style carnitas) and “Puebla Chicken” (chicken in a Puebla style sauce).  However, the favorite is the “Legacy”, a brisket meat taco with Chorizo sausage, and Chicharron (fried pork rinds).

Other menu items bursting with flavor include the chicken or carne asada Quezadillas, gourmet chicken Toztadas and the Mexzican Sub Torta which is filled with your choice of protein along with refried beans, Oaxaca cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, avocado and rajas.

The MexZican Gourmet takes tacos and traditional Mexican dishes to another level with bold and flavorful food.  There is no doubt that the MexZican Gourmet is a welcome addition to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale gourmet food truck scene!

The MexZican Gourmet – Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, FL


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