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Square is a low cost credit card acceptance system that is perfect for mobile food operators who are looking for a portable, low cost, contract-free system to accept credit card.

Square is a small credit card scanner that plugs into an iPhone, iPad or Android phone.  There are no contracts, setup fees, merchant fees, customer service fees, variable card fees, or discount rate fees.  Plus the Square reader is absolutely free.

The fees that Square does charge are extremely competitive with more traditional credit card processing systems.  Square charges 2.75% of each transaction plus a 15 cent transaction fee.  As an example, on a $12 sale the total credit card fees would be 48 cents.  That’s it, no extra fees.

In situations where you do not have the credit card to scan you can manually enter the credit card information into the Square system.  In these cases the fees are 3.5% plus a 15 cent transaction fee.  This might be a good solution for those wanting to accept credit card for deposits or payments for catering or other pre-arranged functions.

In most cases Sqaure will immediately transfer your money into your bank account!  Square also keeps things organized for you with a variety of reports and information available via their very clean user interface.  Square is paperless so all of your receipts will be in one place, and organized.

If you are not sure about accepting credit cards, or if you just want to try it out, contact Square. Download the Square App to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, activate your account, wait a day or two for your free Square scanner to arrive and then starting accepting card payments immediately.

When you use Square you will need to be in a location that has cell phone service.  Square doens’t interfere with your using your phone, you can make/receive calls, Tweet, browse the web, and just use Square when you need to.

Square was founded by Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter!

Square is a no risk, low cost, no committment solution for accepting debit and credit cards!  It’s like it was created with food truck operator in mind!

Square Credit Card Processing

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Brian Sacks of addresses the appearance of your new mobile food truck.  He reminds us that first impressions are important!

If there is one sure way to kill your Mobile Restaurant it’s not having it properly painted or wrapped. You see many are still skeptical eating “street food.” I am amazed to see owners spend money on a vehicle and equipment only to scrimp and be cheap when it comes to the truck’s appearance.


Yes, I know that sounds cliché and it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. People will see your vehicle and in 5 seconds decide if they are comfortable eating your food. It doesn’t matter how good it is! It only matters what they see.


You can either have your truck painted or wrapped. I prefer wrapping the truck. Your investment would be 1000-3000 for the paint option and about 3000-5000 for a decent wrap.

You should try to use catchy hot or neon type colors so they “pop” when people see you coming.

One of the little secrets I discovered was to actually wrap the roof as well. When I first mentioned it everyone thought I was crazy. But think about it for a second.

You drive up to an office park or main downtown street filled with high rise office buildings. Anyone looking out their window above the first 2 or 3 floors has no idea what you are? Are you a delivery truck? Are you a Fed X or UPS? No, You are there to serve food. So put your e-mail address and name on the top along with “GRAB YOUR (insert your food type here) curbside.”


One of the ways we found to this was to add outside stereo music, lights and an awning. You really want to have that party atmosphere going so people are attracted.   In our case , since we are Mexican Mobile Restaurant, we are playing Mexican music and at night our outside bright lights are on creating that party atmosphere.

Brian Sacks is the president of Juana Burrito and He offers consulting services as well as a complete paint by number course on how to profit from the biggest niche to ever hit the food industry at

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Brian Sacks of addresses a potential food truck operators question and misconception. When really is the right time to open your new food truck operation? With the current weather in the North East this is certainly timely advice!

Dear Brian,
What is the best time year to open our food truck? We live in the North East where the winters can be rough? Should we wait until spring or just go for it?
John Simpson New Hampshire

Dear John,

First I want to thank you for the question. It sounds like you are just in the beginning stages of getting “on the road” and I wish you much success. On the surface it would seem to make sense that you should wait until the weather eases up.


Let’s take a step back and break out the groups you will offering your food to. First we have the lunch crowd. Next the dinner crowd. Then of course we have the late night after the bar closes crowd. Finally we have fairs/festivals and sporting events.

In terms of the lunch crowd I would suggest that the colder months are probably better for business than the summer months. Sounds strange right? But let’s think about it. Most people have a 30 minute lunch break. In that time they have to leave their office and get into their car. They then have to drive to the restaurant or carry out. Then they must eat their food and get back to work. Not much time huh? When the weather is poor most people would opt for good food located right at their front door or parking lot.


Now let’s move on to the dinner crowd. They truly may be affected by weather so you might find this group is not appropriate for waiting in a New England winter or fall.

The late night bar and college crowd however, would love the convience of having your food close by. In many case you might even be the only food option open after the bars close. Then of course you also have fairs, festivals and sporting events. All are great opportunities for you to be “ on the road” building your business and brand.

It goes without saying that you should not be out when it is dangerous to even drive but those days are only a few even in New England. So by all means get going and get out there!

BTW— I almost forgot. Here’s a quick bonus lesson. When the Big Storm does come how about having your truck on the street offering FREE FOOD for the snow plow drivers, firemen and policemen.

Aside from being a nice thing to do – It will get you a ton of positive publicity and get the word spreading around about your mobile restaurant.

Brian Sacks is the president of Juana Burrito and He offers consulting services as well as a complete paint by number course on how to profit from the biggest niche to ever hit the food industry at

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Who builds those food trucks you see popping up everywhere?  Well one of the largest food truck builders is Food Cart USA, located in Miami, FL. They have been building some of the best known food trucks in Miami, Tampa, Hawaii, New York, Saint Paul, Cincinnati and many others.

The owners of Food Cart USA began building food trucks and carts in Mexco in 1979.  They moved their business to Miami a few years ago and have quickly built a reputation for delivering food truck operators a quality product that is totally customized to their exact specifications.

Food truck operators will be assigned a special consultant when they work with Food Cart USA.  The consultant will assist each operator in first developing their food truck and then creating the truck of their dreams.  Food Cart USA works hard to make sure that the building of each food truck culminates with the truck operator’s dreams being met.

Food Cart USA will work’s with it’s customers to make sure that the finished truck meets all health/safety regulations and the regulations of the local community.  Previous customer’s comment that Food Cart USA was in contact with them and providing assistance even after they delivered the food truck. 

Food Cart USA, a quality food truck builder and designer, works with food truck operators around the U.S. and Canada. 

Food Cart USA – Miami, FL
Contact: Tania Ramirez
Phone: 1-866-274-6935
email: [email protected]

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road stoves food truck

RoadStoves is a one-stop turnkey organization that can get your food truck business on the road, quickly and efficiently. RoadStoves was born out of 40 years in mobile catering experience and entertainment and marketing expertise.  Some of the most famous food trucks are powered by RoadStoves including Kogi, Canters, Cart For A Cause, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Sweets Truck, South Philly Experience and many more. 

They offer a full range of services including:

  • Vehicle – they will work with you to identify the correct vehicle that is equipped the best way for your food truck endeavor.
  • Permits – RoadStoves will acquire the permits you need to get going.
  • Insurance – They will provide insurance policies to take the risk out of going mobile.
  • Storage, parking and maintenance of your food truck can all be handled by RoadStoves. 
  • Customization – From the interior configuration to the exterior design, RoadStoves can customize your truck to meet your business needs. They will develop customized visual elements to make sure your company is recognizable on the road, and functioning specifically with the appliances and configuration your food prep requires.

RoadStoves has also developed iPhone and Android apps that your customers can use to find you and be up to date on your information.

Based on RoadStoves experience and expertise they should be on the short list of anyone starting out or expanding a food truck business.

Phone: 310-878-2563
Email: [email protected]

Here are some examples of RoadStoves’ work:

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This section will be dedicated to information and photo galleries featuring the very best food truck builders and designers.  Plus, information on what companies to contact if you are looking to buy a food truck or cart.

If you are a food truck builder, seller, designer, etc and would like to be featured in this section please let us know, it’s free!

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