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frites n meats new yorkIt’s an overcast, cool, rainy day today…. perfect for some comfort food.  That makes it perfect for a great burger and incredible fries.  New York’s Frites “n” Meats delivers in both areas.

First off they start their burgers with a choice of two quality types of meat.  Either grass fed angus, or wagyu american kobe.  Combine that with quality bread products like a brioche, potato-onion or sesame seed bun and you are starting off just fine!  With base quality ingredients like this most would expect to pay $15 for a burger, at Frites “N” Meats the grass fed angus burger is $5.50 and just $2.00 more for the american kobe.

When it comes to cheese the choices are also top of the line.  Gruyere, goat, brie, cheddar and blue cheese are all available.  Class up your burger with additional toppings like onion, tomato, mesclun greens, onion jam, guacamole, bacon and oven roasted tomato.

Generally the Frites ‘N’ Meats burgers are cooked medium-rare to compensate for the time it takes to get the burger back to your desk or home.  The burgers are wrapped in insulated material so your burger will actually continue to cook while it’s transported.  But Frites ‘N’ Meats is happy to cook your burger your way.  (Hmmm, is there a jingle in there somewhere?).

frites n meats burger

Once you have created your perfect burger, you must have perfect fries or frites.  The fries at Frites “N” Meats are belgian-style, this means that the fries go through the Belgium double-frying process that ensures that your fries will have the perfect golden color, fabulous crispness on the outside and wonderful potato creaminess on the inside.  Perfection. If you must… ketchup, mayo, mustard, and a variety of aioli’s are available.

The Frites ‘N’ Meats menu is supplemented by several tasty soups (also perfect for a cold and gloomy day) and Lena’s homemade dessert treats (pefect for any day).

Frites ‘N’ Meats – New York City, NY

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Every time I go to San Francisco I treat myself to the famous ice cream sandwiches called It’s-It.  They are made by sandwiching vanilla (usually) ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and then dipping them in dark chocolate.  In the 70’s they could only be found in mom and pop stores.  Now their distribution area is larger, but I find I only have the craving when I am in San Francisco.

It’s-It started me out on a path to find the very best ice cream sandwiches.  I still like It’s-It, even if they are mass produced.  But I have a new all-time favorite, it’s the ice cream sandwiches from the Coolhaus food truck.

Coolhaus offers gourmet all-natural ice creams in a variety of flavors ranging from traditional (vanilla, strawberry) to extravagent ice cream flavors like  balsamic fig/mascarpone, carrot cake, bananas foster, cabernet, green tea, coffee toffee, brown butter with candied bacon and many more.

Any of the available ice cream flavors can be sandwiched between two chocolate, chocolate chip, apple fritter, peanut butter banana, oatmeal, ginger molasses, snickerdoodle or brioche cookies.

Between the great ice cream and cookie flavors you can let your creativity run rampant with an unbelievable combination of tastes!

And the greatness doesn’t stop there.  Each Coolhaus ice cream sandwich is then wrapped in an edible wrapper that has been printed with edible ink.

Coolhaus owners Natasha and Freya take pride in their Coolhaus creation and provide a high quality, gourmet artisan ice cream sandwich that bursts with flavor and creativity.

If I had to write a slogan to promote Coohaus it would probably be – “Eat the ice cream sandwich, eat the wrapper – there is no waste, just great taste!”

Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches are also available in Austin, TX and coming soon to New York City / Long Island.

Coolhaus – Los Angeles

Coolhaus (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

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Schnitzel is a simple food, but very difficult to make well.  I love getting a huge piece of Schnitzel while it is hot and fresh,w ith just the right amount of crunch and chewiness.  I usually have leftovers and take them home for lunch the next day.  Unfortunately, once reheated it just isn’t the same.

As a result of my experiences I was concerned about how well a shnitzel could be when prepared on a mobile food truck.  Schnitzel & Things has proven my concerns to be unfounded.   I ordered the traditional pork schnitzel, the pork cutlet was pounded thin, perfectly breaded and then lightly fried until crispy and served with the required lemon wedge.  The portion has huge and hanging over the edge of my plate.

In addition to pork schnitzel you can order chicken schnitzel, cod schnitzel or a schnitz burger.  Also available is bratwurst.

I ordered the Pork Schnitzel Platter which comes with two side dishes.  I opted for the standards, Austrian potato salad and braised sauerkraut.  This platter was clearly as good, if not better, than most (if not all) the sit-down restaurants that I have gotten schnitzel at.

Another thing that makes the schnitzel from Schnitzel and Things unique are the condiments they offer.  Either on a schnitzel sandwich or platter you can add a condiment like pesto mayo, chipotle sour cream, ginger/scallion/garlic relish, tartar sauce, spicy siracha mayo, ketchup, mustard or mayo.  Go with friends and get a variety of the condiments and try them all!

Oleg Voss, the owner of Schnitzel & Things, worked in investment banking in Vienna, Austria before he came back to New York City with an entrepenurial spirit and the talent to serve Austrian style schnitzel.

Hey Oleg, how about adding Austrian style Potato Pancakes with sides of sour cream and apple sauce?  It would be a great addition to schnitzel heaven!

Schnitzel & Things – New York, NY


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In a city where you can find virtually any type of food imaginable Thomas Kelly and David Schillace’s Mexicue food truck has created a synergistic masterpiece between sweet red-hot Mexican cuisine and smoky down-home barbeque.

It all started when Mexicue began mixing green chili sauce with smoked short ribs, and poblanos with tomatillo sauce on barbequed chicken.   It became clear very quickly that these unique flavor combintions actually work together.  From there the Mexicue menu was born.

Like many food trucks Mexicue focuses on tacos and sliders (thank you White Castle).  Three types of tacos are available: Oak Smoked Short Ribs topped with green salsa, cheddar and salsa fresca, the Smokey Pinto Beans with goat feta cheese, habenero aioli slaw and cilantro, and finally BBQ Beets in a fiery bbq sauce with spiced goat crumbled cheese and watercress.

It will be tough to choose between the sliders.  Can I have a combo plate please?  The Pulled Pork Shoulder has an explosive taste created with mexicana rub, alder smoke, arbol BBQ Sauce, pickled red onions, and avocado.  The Smoked Chicken features chipotle rub, cherry smoke, charred poblanos, and salsa verde.  And finally, our favorite, the BBQ Brisket.  This is probably not the brisket you’ll have this Hanukkah season… this one is seasoned with the combination of mexicana rub, alder smoke, arbol BBQ sauce, spicy slaw, and avocado.

Mexicue’s tastes and flavors really add a unique touch to the New York City/Brooklyn food truck scene.

Mexicue – New York, NY


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I was recently visiting Hong Kong and was walking around the outside exhibits of the art museum, when I noticed a familiar site in the distance…. a Mr. Softee ice cream truck! I knew American brands had made their way to Asia but I was suprised to see that Mr. Softee was one of them!

This Hong Kong version of one of my favorite ice creams did not live up to my expectations.

However, one ice cream truck that exceeds my high level of ice cream quality is the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

mr. softee asia hong kong kowloon

Mr. Softee in Hong Kong

One of the great things about the “special” food trucks is that they often take a very basic concept and find a way to take it to the next level.  This is truly the case with the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck as they have put their own twist on soft serve ice cream (get it, “their own twist!!!”).

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was founded by Doug Quint (a professional bassoonist) and his partner Bryan Petroff.  They have created some incredibly clever ice cream desserts that include a wide variety of toppings, many of which will suprise you.

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner let’s start with the Gobbler.  This ice cream sundae specialty starts with vanilla ice cream sitting on a bed of crushed graham crackers and topped with pumpkin butter, whipped cream and craisins.  Hey, for Halloween pass this treat out to the kids in the neighborhood!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck New York  - The Gobbler

THe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck guys have fun with their treats and the names of the treats.  Care for a Salty Pimp?  It’s a vanilla ice cream cone with dolce de leche, sea salt and then dipped in chocolate.  How about the Bea Arthur, vanilla ice cream with dolce de leche and crushed Nilla wafers.  I don’t know why this is called Bea Arthur, but I’m sure she would have approved.

The Belgian Slipwich (ice cream sandwich) is vanilla ice cream on a bed of Nutella squeezed between two chocolate cartwheel cookies.  Yum!

Ice cream toppings include some unusual items including olive oil with sea salt, Trix cereal, cayenne pepper, wasabi pea dust, Nutella, ginger syrup, elderflower syrup, key lime curd, siracha (a Thai hot sauce) and many more!  Check with Doug when you visit the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck and see if he has carmelized bacon on the truck, if he does he will create a very special and unique treat for you!

Great ice cream and a lot of  fun that is sure to put a smile on your face and maybe bring back memories of your memories of Mr. Softee, only the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is like Mr. Softee on steroids!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck – New York, NY

big gay ice cream truck in New York CIty

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on Urbanspoon

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Via Twitter we asked which food trucks had the most outstanding short ribs!  We received a variety of responses and thought we would share them with you. After all, who doesn’t like short ribs?  (Maybe I should hire Randy Newman to compose a song called Short Ribs, sung to the melody of Short People??).

We have to thank @DeeRyan29 who pointed out that “@whereschacha’s does a short rib taco that’ll make you slap yo’ mama!”  Cha Cha Chow (@whereschacha) food truck fills a flour tortilla with beef short ribs, red cabbage lime slaw, cheese and of course, Cha Cha Sauce.  Hey, with a recommendation like that from DeeRyan29 how can you go wrong?

I gotta think that those in Ausin, Texas know something about ribs!  And they do, check out Coreanos (@coreanosTX).  They serve marinated beef short ribs served in a Korean BBQ style taco or burrito.  Based on the number of times that Coreanos was recommended I think it’s a good bet they know how to braise!  The OG Burrito sounds pretty neat: Marinated beef short ribs, french fries, Korean slaw, onion & cilantro, caramelized kimchi,  sesame oil vinaigrette and garlic spread in a burrito!

Southern California’s Calbi food truck (@calbibbq) features beef short ribs as part of their menu in both tacos and burritos.  Calbi’s short ribs are flavor enhanced with Korean spices.

Food truck goliath Kogi @kogibbq) also offers short ribs in taco and burritos!   Kogi chops the korean bbq short rib into small pieces then puts them on the grill to creaty a “juicy char” from the carmelization.

In the other than Korean BBQ category there are quite a few entries including GastroPod Miami (@gastropodmiami) which presents their short ribs with in true gastropub form as sliders as well as ground up and made into short rib burgers!  Also in Miami, the Slow Food Truck offers a “Short Rib n Dip” sandwich with crispy shallots, live watercress, cheese, and au jus (@slowfoodtruck).

The World Fare Bustaurant in Los Angeles serves from a double decker bus!  They offer two variations of short ribs.  The Short Rib Bunny is a worcestershire braised short rib, they also offer a red wine braised version.  (@worldfare)

Not to be outdone, Northern California’s MoGo BBQ food truck offers short rib tacos and burritos plus a Hawaiian influenced short rib slider that is topped with Spam, cheese and slaw!  (@mogobbq)

In New York City Mexicue fuses together Southwest and BBQ to create an Oak Smoked Short Rib Taco garnished with salsa verde, aged white cheddar, and salsa fresca (@mexicue).

Across the river in New Jersey The Krave food truck features Korean BBQ tacos as well as a traditional Korean BBQ Rice Platter with short ribs, sticky white rice, kimchi, relish and sesame seeds.  (@thekrave)

In Philadelphia the Asian themed Tyson Bee’s food truck offers Korean BBQ short rib tacos as well as a short rib and kimchi burrito. (@tysonbeesphilly)

We are sure that there are plenty other food trucks serving beef short rib.  Please leave a comment below to recommend your favorite and we’ll add them to our Short Rib Tour!

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