JiBARO – Cleveland, OH

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. Cleveland has another new food truck.  It has only been a couple of days since one new truck launched in Cleveland, now there is another.  Welcome to JiBARO serving an international flavored menu with a focus on Caibbean food. The JiBARO menu features Bison burgers, gourmet chicken burgers, crabby…

Umami Moto – Cleveland, OH (@umamimoto)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. Up until today Cleveland had one really great food truck Dim and Den Sum (@dimanddensum).  Today they have their second with the launch of Umami Moto.  It’s interesting to note that Dim and Den Sum recently went on winter hibernation, after all who wants to visit a food truck…

When It Goes From Bad To Worse – Nacho Mama Food Truck – Kent, Ohio

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Greetings, gentle readers. The more astute among you may have noticed that the amount of time since my last post has been right around a year. I’ve posted in the past the reason for the long gaps and what was true then remains true now: I just don’t have the luxury of the time required to write this blog on a consistent basis. So what brings me (temporarily) out of retirement today? A troubling tale I am prepared to tell, involving a food truck, squishy Italian hoagie rolls, and a blatant disregard for the safety of customers.