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zzaam truckNew on the scene in Richmond, VA is a new concept from restaurateur Derek Cha.  Cha, best known for his Sweet Frog premium frozen yogurt stores, launched ZZAAM Fresh Korean Grill earlier this year.

The menu is simple, but the flavors are strong.  ZZAAM features Korean tacos, Big Bowls (rice, vegetables plus meat), Lettuce Wraps, Sliders and Salad Bowls.  For the protein choose from chicken, beef (Bul-Gogi) spicy pork or tofu.  All are free-range and hormone free.

A ZZAAM brick and mortar location will be opening soon in Charlottesville, VA


ZZAAM Fresh Korean Grill – Richmond, VA

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boka tako richmond, vaThe Boka Tako Truck is a big hit in Richmond, VA.  Richmond is just a two hour drive from Washington, DC but has a much smaller population, around 200,000 in the city and 1.2 million in the metropolitan area.  Nonetheless, Bako Tako has been producing high quality Takos under chef Patrick Harris.

Before we can talk about Boka Tako’s food we need to understand the lingo.  Takos are like tacos, but since their fusion ingredients are unlike traditional tacos an intentional misspelling is required.

Takos are eaten in your “mouf.”  I guess you could figure that out.  In summary according to Patrick Harris “Boka for your mouf.  It’s where you put de taco.”  Ok, not the accent I was expecting in Richmond, VA, but as long as the food is good who is to complain?  The Boka truck is easy to spot as it has the tag line “takos for your mouf” in large letters on each side of the truck.

Now, on to the food.  First are the Takos, they are available in three basic flavors.  Asian with sweet and spicy kimchi, sesame aioli and fresh herbs.  American with sherry slaw, smoky barbecue sauce, jack cheese, cheddar cheese and carmelized onions.  Mexican with chihuahua cheese, habanero-lime cabbage, cilantro and chipotle crema.   Once you have selected your style you then select your protein which can either be tofu, Korean beef bulgogi, guajillo pork, or cilantro chicken.

boka tako

Also available are Spicy Noodle Bowls which are probably more difficult to get into your mouf than a tako, and quesadillas.

Finally, there are seasonal specialties such as a lenongrass ginger coconut curry pork tako, a fish tako with ginger compote, a gorgonzola and beef qusadilla and a shiso pesto noodle bowl with chorizo, gorgonzola, napa cabbage and carmelized onion.

That’s a lot of food.  The Boka Tako Truck uses local ingredients when available, and the chef’s culinary experience at some of the best restaurants in Washington, DC shines thru in terms of the preperation, presentation and most importantly the taste of each and every item.

When you realize that a Tako is not an ordinary taco, and that you eat it in your mouf you understand that the Boka Tako truck has a sense of humor, and it’s all in good taste.

Boka Tako Truck – Richmond, VA


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