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neat meat dc How many lawyers does it take to start a sloppy joe food truck?  Apparently just two.

Nnamdi Nwaneri and Na’Im Moses met at law school and discovered that they not only had passion for law, but also for entrepreneurship, of the sloppy joe variety.

NeatMeat serves high quality (and creative) sloppy joe sandwiches throughout the Washington DC area.

The menu features not only a traditional sloppy joe sandwich, but some creative alternatives including the “It’s All Greek To Joe” with lamb joe seasoned with traditional Greek flavors and topped with Feta, fresh cucumber and pickled onions.


The “Mi So Joe” is a veggie Joe, gull of tofu, eggplant and button mushrooms topped with a spicy carrot pineapple slaw.

The “Joey Melt” is a best seller, with traditional sloppy joe with honey caramelized onions, and classic American Cheese.


NeatMeatDC – Not Your Average Sloppy Joe!
Washington, DC



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The CapMac food truck is located in our nation’s capital, and they have quickly become one of Washington, DC’s most popular food trucks.  True to their slogan, CapMac is “the capital of macaroni”.  They have earned this title by serving up some of America’s favorite pasta dishes, often with a new twist.

Washingtonians crave Capmac’s Macaroni & Cheese not because it tasted like the stuff out of the box you got when you are a kid, but because it doesn’t.  The freshly made CapMacNCheese elbow macaroni is smoothered in a Cheddar cheese sauce with pimentos and Cheez-It crackers!  The pimentos are a nice addition as they add a little complexity and “grown-up” taste to the dish.  The addition of the Cheez-It cracker crumbles is sheer brilliance as it adds not only texture but additional cheese taste.

CapMac also serves other macaroni specialties including Chicken Parmesan Meatballs over rigatoni and Beef Bolognese over rigatoni.  I prefer rigatoni and other short pastas as they are easier to eat, especially if you intend to keep your shirt clean!

CapMac offers other MacNCheese mix-ins and combinations that alternate through the week.  They also offer soups that regulars seem to really enjoy!

Portions are very large, and the pasta dishes are served in large cardboard containers.

CapMac is off to a fast start and I imagine they will offer a wider variety of comfort food choices in the weeks to come.  Washington, DC is lucky to have CapMac, they serve up food to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

CapMac – Washington, DC

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dc slices washington dcNo filibustering needed, DC Slices serves up some steamy good pizza. The DC Slices operator hails from Philly so I’m sure he has a pizza pedigree.

DC Slices is a mobile pizza kitchen bringing great pizza to Washingtonians, tourists, and anyone that loves a fresh, hot slice. They use fresh rolled dough, homemade sauce, hand grated cheeses, flavorful toppings: the pizza is baked right inside the truck and served to you as it comes out of the oven. Look for them at lunchtime and late night!
dc slices washington dc food truck
Both slices and full pies are available. The DC Slices menu is pretty straight ahead… slices or pies with cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, veggies (onion, green pepper, mushroom, black olives) or Hawaiian (Canadian bacon, pineapple).

Remember, DC Slices, Small Prices!

With DC Slices roaming our nation’s capital I wonder if they can let us know what famous people have partaken of a DC Slice!

DC Slices – Washington, DC

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It’s always nice to learn something new.  Recently I learnt what spiedies (pronounced “speedies”) are, courtesy of Washington, DC and Northern Virginia’s Bada Bing food truck.

Spiedies originated in Central New York State in the 1920’s.  Two Italian immigrants started the spiedie craze when they took cubes of chicken, pork, lamb, veal, venison or beef and marinated them overnight (or longer) in a special marinate before grilling then on spits over a charcoal pit.  The earliest recipes for the special marinade included wine vinegar, water, lemon juice, garlic, mint. Italian spices, olive oil and minced onion.

Bada Bing chef and owner Nick Terzella would gladly tell you his secret marinade recipe.  But, he would then have to kill you!  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Spiedies from Bada Bing are made from either chicken or pork and served on Amoroso rolls or over greens as a salad.    A variety of spiedie sandwiches are available including the namesake “The Bing” with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil aioli, “The Don Ho” with soy ginger glaze, shredded carrots, green onion and crunchy noodles, and “Joey’s Special” with a bbq glaze, sharp cheddar, bacon and lettuce.  “Kendall’s Favorite” is also a crowd pleaser as it features a “buffalo bing” sauce, tomato, lettuce and crumbled bleu cheese.

In addition to spiedies Bada Bing also offers a heck of a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.  Provolone, American, and Cheese Wiz cheeses are available, as are grilled onions.  When ordering remember to specifiy your cheese selection as well as if you would like your sandwich “wit” or “witout” onions!  Try to sound like Sylvestor Stallone in Rocky when ordering!

The Amoroso rolls that Bada Bing uses (for their cheesesteaks and spiedies) are the same rolls that the best cheesesteaks joints in Philly use.  Some say the sandwich just isn’t the same unless the rolls come from the Amoroso bakery!

A variety of freshly prepered side dishes and soups are also available.

Bada Bing offers a great Philly Cheesesteak as well as the unique and tasty Spiedie sandwich!  Make sure to give the Spidies a try, as Bada Bing says, “Now that’s a sangweech!!!!”

Bada Bing Cheesesteaks & Spiedies – Washington, DC


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It’s a date night!  red hook lobster truck washington dcIf you and your sweetheart want to share a romantic dining experience there is no question that lobster should be involved.  What could be more intimate than a visit to Washington DC’s Red Hook Lobster Pound’s decked out lobster mobile? We have to be honest, the wine list is not extensive, nor does it exist, but your sweetie will certainly be pleased with either Maine Root soda or homemade lemonade as the beverage of choice!

The Red Hook Lobster Pound menu is pretty simple.  Lobester Roll served either Maine-style (mayo based) or Connecticut-style (butter drizzled).  For some variety you can also opt for the Shrimp Rolls, also serverd in either style.  The simplicity of the menu will allow you and your loved one to spend more time staring into each other’s eye’s lovingly.

For those of you with larger appetites your lobster or shrimp roll can up upgraded into a multi-course meal with the addition of Cape Cod chips and a Maine Root soda.

Red Hook Lobster Pound stands true to authentic Lobster Rolls by using big chunks of lobster knuckle meat with just a coating of mayo, a bit of chopped celery, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  It is served on a buttery hot dog type roll with scallions and paprika as a garnish.  It’s combination of flavors and freshness is sure to make you a regular!

red hook lobster roll

Be prepared to stand in line for a bit (passing the maitre’d some cash to get to the head of the line doesn’t seem to work) as the Red Hook Lobster Pound is a popular place.   They had almost 2000 Twitter followers before they even hit the street for the first time, and currently are up around 12,000!

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Washington, DC

Red Hook Lobster Pound on Urbanspoon

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Note: Cafe Vida Express is no longer operational.

How often have you heard someone say, “I can go for a great cup of coffee”?  In the Washington, DC area Cafe Vida makes it easy with their mobile coffee bar trucks.  The Cafe Vida trucks are a welcome sight to the on-the-go Washington, DC community.

Each truck is fully equipped and can serve coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other eccentric drinks.  Plus, Cafe Vida also serves some great pastries to go along with great coffee.

Some of the more unusual drinks you may find being served by Cafe Vida are the “Canelazo” which is a sugar cane and cinnamon based drink or the “Limonazo”, sugar cane and lemon based drink.

Even Congress would be able to agree that Cafe Vida provides coffee lovers a world class cup of coffee every time.

Cafe Via – Washington, DC

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