mmmpanadas austin tx

mmmpanadas – Austin, TX (@mmmpanadas)

There are some amazing gourmet empanadas being produced by mmmpanadas in Austin, TX.  Big flavor and amazingly creative flavor combinations. For those unfamiliar with empanadas think of stuffed bread or pastry.  The texture of the pastry is as critical as the ingredients that are baked inside the empanada.  Think of a stromboli or even a…

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South Philly Experience – Los Angeles, CA (@southphillyexp)

It’s amazing how each region of the country has certain food items associated with it. For example, growing up in New York my favorite snack cakes were Yodels, from Drake’s Cakes. For much of the rest of the country their favorite was Hostess’  Ho-Ho’s, basically a Yodel.  And down in the Philly area no one seemed to…

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south philly experience food truck los angeles

Buttermilk Truck – Los Angeles, CA (@buttermilktruck)

Congratulations to the Buttermilk Truck as’s Food Truck Of-The-Week! There is no doubt, breakfast can be enjoyed any time of the day, or night!  Los Angeles’ Buttermilk truck proves that by being one of Southern California’s most popular and long-standing food trucks. Gigi Pascual, the Buttermilk Truck owner, is proud that virtually all of her food…

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Chobani Yogurt’s CHOmobile Food Truck (@chobani)

Note: This food truck is not currently operational. What do tacos, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, french fries, lobster rolls and greek yogurt all have in common?  Why, they are all available from food trucks, of course.  Chobani Greek Yogurt has long been our favorite breakfast and snack yogurt.  A few years ago it was pretty hard to…

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Hodge Podge Truck (@hodgepodgetruck) Shows New “Integrity… Learn It!” T-Shirt (#greatfoodtruckrace)

Update:  The Hodge Podge Food Truck “Integrity… Learn It!” t-shirts are now available!  Go to to order yours! On September 11th’s episode of The Great Food Truck Race (on the @foodnetwork) host Tyler Florence (@tylerflorence) reveled that New York’s Korilla BBBQ (@korillabbq) had added extra money to their daily receipts in an effort to “cheat”…

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Where’s Lloyd? – Buffalo, NY (@whereslloyd)

Where’s Lloyd? is the first taco truck to serve the great city of Buffalo, NY.

Their mission is to bring legitimate street food to Buffalo by offering affordable yet incredibly tasty takes on tacos, nachos and burritos.  Fillings include chimi chicken, braised beef, tomatillo pork and stewed beans.


Where’s Lloyd? – Buffalo, NY


Hodge Podge Truck – Cleveland, OH (@hodgepodgetruck)

It’s has been a few months since the Hodge Podge Truck launched.  The truck’s first public appearances was as a contestant in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race.  Tune in tonight (August 14, 2011) to see the first episode of this season’s Great Food Truck Race.  Good luck to the Hodge Podge truck and…

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