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Takosher – Los Angeles, CA (@takosher)

kosher food truck

Note: This food truck is not currently operational.

One of the great things about food trucks is that they allow entrepenuers to find food niches to support their creativity.  This is exactly the case with Takosher, Los Angeles’ first certified Glatt Kosher food truck!   Takosher’s tag line is “The Chosen Taco” as it’s menu fuses Kosher dietary rules with Mexican tacos.

Kosher law prevents a dish from having meat and cheese together, so Latin cultural food was difficult for native Los Angelean Lowell Bernstein.   To mke it more difficult he lived for several years in Mexico making his fondness for Mexican cuisine even stronger.

All of Bernstein’s experiences allowed him to bring together great Mexican flavors within the confines of Kosher dietary rules and create Takosher.

If you didn’t know that Takosher was certified Kosher you would still drool with their menu offereings.  The Original Bristetaco uses a long-loved brisked recipe (braised and slow-cooked with chili sauce, sauerkraut, raising, a touch of sweet and a sicy kick at the end).  A delicious treat as a soft taco!

takosher latketaco

The unique Latketaco combines three types of potato, cilantro, onions and roasted chipotle chiles; battered, breaded, deep fried and topped with a sweet and spicy apple jalapeno chutney.  Doesn’t sound like anything I’ve had at any Bar Mitzvah!

The Chosen Chicken Taco is chicken chunks infused with spicy smoked chipotle and tropical juices; topped with a deep, rich tomato chile salsa delicately blended with roasted pumpkin seeds.  Another creative taco within very specific paramaters.

Takosher is a great find and addition to the food  truck scene.  It’s like combining a great Bar Mitzvah along with Cinco de Mayo!

Takosher – Los Angeles, CA

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