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Update:  The Hodge Podge Food Truck “Integrity… Learn It!” t-shirts are now available!  Go to http://bit.ly/mYRmVx to order yours!

On September 11th’s episode of The Great Food Truck Race (on the @foodnetwork) host Tyler Florence (@tylerflorence) reveled that New York’s Korilla BBBQ (@korillabbq) had added extra money to their daily receipts in an effort to “cheat” the contest.  With their heads down the Korilla team left the show before they found out that if they had NOT cheated they would have come in third place and would NOT have been eliminated.  If Korilla BBQ had not been disqualified Cleveland’s Hodge Podge Truck would have went home.

As part of the episode Chef Chris Hodgson of the @hodgepodgetruck and @dimanddensum stated, “Integrity, Learn It.”  Today Chris Hodgson announced on his Twitter and Facebook pages this new t-shirt:

What do you think of the t-shirt?

No word yet if the Hodge Podge Truck will put this shirt into production.  If they do we’ll ask Chef Chris for the first shirts off the production line as give-aways to you food truck fans!

See our other posting about the Hodge Podge Food Truck at http://www.foodtrucktalk.com/hodge-podge-truck-cleveland-oh-hodgepodgetruck.

Update:  The Hodge Podge Food Truck “Integrity… Learn It!” t-shirts are now available!  Go to http://bit.ly/mYRmVx to order yours!

Hodge Podge Truck – Cleveland, OH

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hodge podge food truck logo

It’s has been a few months since the Hodge Podge Truck launched.  The truck’s first public appearances was as a contestant in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race.  Tune in tonight (August 14, 2011) to see the first episode of this season’s Great Food Truck Race.  Good luck to the Hodge Podge truck and all of the other contestants!

(Originally posted on April 23, 2011)

Today is the first day for Cleveland’s newest food truck – in Las Vegas.  Chef Chris Hodgon of Dim and Den Sum fame (@dimanddensum) has launched his second food truck as part of a food truck extravaganza in Las Vegas (we believe as part of the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race).  Details are sketchy about the trucks involved in this seasons episodes so it is unclear when the Hodge Podge Truck will make it’s first Cleveland appearance.

Former Clevelander and current Las Vegas food blogger Kathy of .lasvegasfoodadventures.com reports that business was extremely brisk at the Hodge Podge Truck with Chef Hodgson and his team “working their tails off.”  Thanks to Kathy for the first known photos of the new Hodge Podge Food Truck!

Standing in line at the Hodge Podge Food Truck

Note that the chalboard sign says “Rockin’ The C-Town Love.”   Us Clevelanders are a proud lot!  Chef Hodgson clearly has great culinatry skills but is also very active in supporting Cleveland as well as several area charities.

Hodge Podge Truck Hot Dog

It’s the Hodge Podge Hot Dog!

Food truck fanatic Michelle from http://www.lookingforfoodtrucks.com also stopped by the Hodge Podge Truck and sent along some more photos!  Here is todays menu, it includes Chef Hodges legendary Tater Tots.

The menu at the Hodge Podge Food Truck

It seems the menu has a lot of comfort food items including the Chef’s Steak (Filet) with some mac n cheese goodness.

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