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mmmpanadas truck austin, txThere are some amazing gourmet empanadas being produced by mmmpanadas in Austin, TX.  Big flavor and amazingly creative flavor combinations.

For those unfamiliar with empanadas think of stuffed bread or pastry.  The texture of the pastry is as critical as the ingredients that are baked inside the empanada.  Think of a stromboli or even a knish.

Another neat think about empanadas is that they can find their way into any meal, at any time of the day.  mmmpanadas Breakfast Good morning sunshine! empanada is full of eggs, cheese and a choice of bacon or chorizo.  For a snack or dessert try the S’more, a cinnamon sugar coated empanada is chock-full of creamy marshmallows and delectable chocolate or the Peach Cobbler with sweet southern belle peaches.

But let’s get to the meat of the matter.  Lunch and dinner empanadas that are sure to stimulate your taste buds and fill your belly.  The Argentinean is the original empanada mendocina, a traditionally spiced creation with ground beef, olives, and hard-boiled egg.  I’m partial to the BBQ Chopped Beef where Texas BBQ meets its match in a delicate empanada crust stuffed with Chopped beef with onions.  And Texas wouldn’t be Texas without some green chile spice to go around.  The Green Chile Chicken empanada is snappy and fresh with a hint of attitude, this creamy green chile chicken has what it takes and isn’t afraid to use it. Available in mild or spicy.

mmmpanadas austin tx

There is a variety of 14 or so kick butt empanadas that are tasty, have unique combinations of flavors and are easy to eat while walking around or sitting.

mmmpanadas – Austin, tx

Mmmpanadas on Urbanspoon

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